Alison Krauss' Impersonator Heads Back To Court


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Peggy Sue Evers, the woman who admitted to impersonating country music singer Alison Krauss to swindle money, has returned to court in Arkansas after being arrested in New Mexico.

According to KHOG, a warrant for Evers arrest was issued after she failed to appear on her court date. Authorities later arrested her in Albuquerque, N.M. and brought her back to Arkansas where she was charged with failure to appear.

Evers pleaded not guilty to the charge, and her trial date has been set for February 15, 2015.

Earlier this year, Evers pleaded guilty to impersonating Krauss and marrying a 75-year-old Fayetteville man after convincing him she was the singer. Evers was sentenced to "eight years of probation, ordered to pay restitution, return four cars to the man and sign the man's home back to him."

Authorities believe Evers was hiding out in New Mexico to avoid appearing in court. After her arrest, she was transferred from a New Mexico jail to the Washington County Detention Center, where she said she has eaten nothing but a hotdog in nine days. Jail officials claim she has been offered food, but Evers simply refuses to eat.

"It's not that. What it is that I've been really sick. In August I was in the hospital for more than two weeks," Evers said.

She explained that she has to have her medication to be able to eat, and the jail has not given it to her. "When I was at the jail in Albuquerque, they gave me my medicine, so I didn't have any trouble," she said.

Krauss' publicist, Regina Joskow, has chosen not to comment on the case.