Alexis Bledel: Petition for Her to be Cast as Anastasia Steele in “50 Shades of Grey”

    September 4, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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“50 Shades of Grey” fans are not happy with the announcement of who will be playing the characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the upcoming 2014 film. Fans are so upset over the news, that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson were cast for the roles, that they have started a petition in protest.

Who should have been cast as the lead roles? The protestors are wanting “Magic Mike’s”, Matt Bomer and “Gilmore Girls'”, Alexis Bledel. The petition is located on Change.org, and currently has 36,751 signatures. Judging by the reactions on social media sites, there are sure to be more signatures to come. The petition reads:

Matt Bomer is the PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF CHRISTIAN GREY AND ALEXIS BLEDEL IS THE PERFECT ACTRESS TO REPRESENT ANASTASIA STEELE and if THEY ARE NOT, NOBODY WILL BE And I read the whole trilogy and I can assure that Matt is the perfect actor for this movie and Alexis too. So please PLEASE, all of the GREYsessed and Bomerettes in the world NEED those actors. They always will be for us the Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. WE CAN DO ANYTHING GUYS, ANYTHING.

When the news was announced in March 2012 that there would be a film adaptation of the movie, Bledel was both excited and nervous about being nominated by her fans to play the role. “People definitely do have strong opinions about it,” she said. “I guess when people really identify with a concept, they feel strongly about it,” she told Elle. Access Hollywood previously asked Bomer if he would consider the role of Grey. Despite not having read the books, he said that it might be something that he would be interested in. “It sounds amazing, and from what I hear, people are really into the story so I gotta check it out,” he said.

The producers are sticking by their choice to have Hunnam and Johnson play the parts. “There is a lot that goes into casting that isn’t just looks. Talent, availability, their desire to do it, chemistry with other actor, etc.,” Dana Brunetti, the film’s producer tweeted to his Twitter followers. “So if your favorite wasn’t cast, then it is most likely due to something on that list. Keep that in mind while hating and keep perspective.”

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  • Monica

    I agree with the others..Alexis & Matt are the right choices!! The others are unknown. I do not think that man you picked is not drop dead good looking like Christian Grey should be…

  • Lol

    I think it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Did Alexis even say she was interested in playing Anastasia? Unless she expressed interest and actually auditioned, you can’t really make a petition for someone to be cast in a role they don’t want. More importantly, don’t hold your breath and expect this to change anything.

  • Melissa

    I think everybody needs to stop. These are characters in a book. Anybody who read those books has their own fantasy on who looks like the perfect man and woman to play Christian and Ana. I did too. Just because those specific people were not picked, a bunch of people are going to throw fits like spoiled children? What is wrong with you people? Get a life! This probably makes Charlie and Dakota feel really good about themselves.

  • Ameana

    where is the petition to sign, I definitely agree that I see Alexis and Matt Bomer as the perfect characters, why couldn’t the directors listen to the fans for once….these two other people look way off,

    • Marie

      You are totally right!! Matt and alexis will always be Anna and Christian in our hearts.

  • iam pissed

    Alexis and Matt for fiftyshades..these two(Dakota and Charlie) dont suit they dont have the looks.

  • sammi

    so damn what boo hoo get the hell over it!!! those are old pictures of charlie and dakota . i love charlie hunnam and cant wait for the movie.

  • Karen

    Yes! The minute I glanced at her on tv at a red carpet event, I knew that was Anastasia, this Alexis Bledel person.

    Most of the guys suggested by the fans for the Christian Grey role I haven’t agreed with, although Ryan Gosling could pull it off anyday, of course. Shame he wasn’t interested. I never miss anything he does. But I kept picturing a cool, aloof, English guy someone like Coldplay’s Chris Martin with the boyish looks but the cold, steely eyes! I bet he could have pulled it off! But alas, noone else seemed to offer him up! I think it would have been very cool, if he agreed to do an acting role that is. C’mon fans he was so Brit-sounding in the book, was he not?

  • C.Sample

    I agree Matt and Alexis are so the characters in 50 Shades!!! Come on what were they thinking …… Did they really read the boks???? Don’t have to worrie about me watching the movie. As always Hollywood kills the actual book and how the readers envision the characters!

    • Angelica

      So true. Never judge a book by its movie

  • Joc

    If you read the book the description of the characters are pretty detailed it’s like they were describing Alexis and Matt. Now there are a few other actors I could go with if it wasn’t canary but I’m so happy that Hunnan or whatever his name is, is now gone. He made no sense and that actress well doesn’t even get close to the mark. I get the chemistry and blah blah blah that the producers need to fill a role but honestly when what was it 40,000 people sign a petition I mean that’s money in the bag. Just sign the choice that the readers want we believe in theses actors in playing this role. Anyone else that thinks other rise is either 1. Someone who hasn’t read the trilogy or 2. A man and doesn’t get the fantasy and addictiveness of this book to women and what we desire.

  • Nikita Bella

    Its really not about this ‘just being a book, which is becoming a movie, or its not just about people playing the part’… When E_L_James wrote the book she was very specific & described the characters in detail! So i personally think its only fair we as the ‘fans/buyers of the book/ & as the people who’s going to watch the movie’ be satisfied with the movie as we Loved the books. The movie should reach up to the books standard’s!

    We will only be enjoying the movie (if it ever comes out next year) if the right characters are playing ‘Christain & Ana’!!!