Alexa’s New Features

    February 19, 2007

Most people know by now that Alexa is far from perfect, but it’s one of the only and best traffic ranking and monitoring tools available. On Friday they announced some new features:

* Geographic user report – See what percentage of users for a site comes from each country.

* Traffic rank by country – This one is interesting to actually see your site’s ranking in different countries.

* Reach percentage – Instead of reporting the confusing "reach per million" they were doing before, they now show what % of the total web user base a site reaches.

Not too much interesting I can learn about this site from there, besides that I’m ranked much higher in the USA at 12,417 compared to 53,294 overall. Regardless, I like seeing more free data for people to learn from.

I’ve often thought about Alexa and other statistic services problem of really getting a more complete and true sample. One of the strongest ideas I keep thinking of is if the browser companies themselves compiled this data. So we could see rankings for sites based on Firefox and IE usage, because those two browsers really would capture the vast majority and be able to accurately track web-wide ratings.



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