Alexa On The Move, Shutters Updates

    January 24, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Brand new co-location facilities await the hardware behind the Alexa updates, and they won’t be online until the end of the week.

Geoffrey Mack, Product Manager of Alexa products and services, posted the awful news today about the reason for no Alexa updates.

“If Alexa stops updating we get e-mails and phone calls right away. Hey, its good to be needed,” Mack wrote. Indeed, the referring link on for the story includes the phrase, “Thousands of VCs Cry Out in Pain,” courtesy of SWiK developer Alex Bosworth.

“Well, it is cold turkey time for Alexa. No data updates,” Mack wrote, as he wryly recounted his days at Charles Schwab dealing with customers who were stock quote junkies. “Sometimes it felt like I was running a methadone clinic,” he said.

Mack noted how the hardware, now residing in a truck, will find its way to a new facility. That will be a change from Alexa’s old “underpowered, dark and wet basement.” That means update junkies will have to wait for updates until the hardware gets reconnected in its shiny new home.

Alexa received a lot of notice in December 2005, when its owner,, opened Alexa to application developers. Those choosing to pay the consumption fees, which Amazon charges instead of licensing access based on a number of queries, can tap Alexa’s index.

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