Alex Trebek Takes 'Jeopardy' to New Level With Rap


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At the age of seventy-three, Alex Trebek proved that he can still capture and intrigue an audience. The popular host of the hit game show Jeopardy has recently made headlines for his unique, and rather unpredictable talent. Apparently, the world-renown host was able to take the category "It's a Rap" to a whole new level when he showcased his own rapping ability. During the Monday, January 6th airing of the show, Trebek rapped (or at least rhythmically spoke) lyrics from the following established performers: the Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Public Enemy, and even the Notorious B.I.G. while the audience watched in surprise before showing appreciation through a collective cheer.

Contestant Mary Manhardt could not contain her giggles during the impromptu rap performance, which apparently amused Trebek. "Yes, and I don't know why that's making you laugh so much," Trebek said in response to the laughing.

Trebek recited the following lyrics during the show: "Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge. I'm trying not to lose my head." The well-known host who also happens to be the veteran host of the National Geographic Bee (he was recognized in 2008 for his years of service) went on to recite other rap lyrics such as, "I made the change from a common thief to up close and personal with Robin Leach." Trebek included his own rendition of the Beastie Boys when he recited, "Another plane, another train, another bottle in the brain." With Trebek's unique skills some may wonder if he has considered quitting his day job. However, fans of Jeopardy hope that he does not consider quitting his day job.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons