Alex Rodriguez Prepares to Faces Appeal Head On


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MLB enthusiasts around the country can only imagine how a 211-game suspension must be weighing in on three-time American League MVP, Alex Rodriguez. Violating the league's joint drug and collective bargaining agreements are steep penalties that are not taken lightly in major league baseball. But, no one feels the brunt of it like the man himself, which is why he intends to fight back.

With next season, the future of his professional career, and possibly his entire legacy hanging in the wind, Rodriguez plans to go to war with MLB officials Monday morning. "It starts on Monday. We've got to face it head on," said Rodriguez.

The appeal process will take place at the Major League Baseball offices in Manhattan. Yankees' third basemen and his team of legal eagles will start the appeal process before a three-man panel of MLB officials. The full hearing will take a total of five days, and the designated officials will be allowed 25 days to make a decision. There are three possible outcomes that can be derived from the hearing: the suspension could stand without any modifications,or it could be reduced. Then, there's also the long shot of the entire appeal being thrown out completely.

If Rodriguez is lucky the suspension may be reduced, but having the suspension overturned completely is almost unimaginable. However, Rodriguez has to give it his all considering what he has to lose if he doesn't. Beside his reputation being at stake, there's the financial loss he'll be faced with if the appeal doesn't rule in his favor.

Rodriguez suffers the possibility of losing an initial $32 million this season, which equates to approximately $154,000 per game. According to New York Daily News, the four year remainder of his contract is worth an estimated $86 million, which excludes the tentative $30 million he could acquire from bonuses if his home-run numbers continue to climb. On the brink of breaking Willie Mays' 660 home-run record, Rodriguez could either add another feat to his record, or have all of his accomplishments overshadowed with the present allegations. So, the next 30 days will be an imminent factor in the future of A-Rod's career.

For those who are still wondering how the home-run honcho even ended up in this debacle, here's the gist: He became a dominant figure in the infamous Bio-Genesis baseball scandal, which went public at the top of the year. Rodriguez, along with a number of MLB players, were accused of illegally acquiring and using performance-enhancing drugs. Now, these particular stimulants weren't just any drugs, but human growth hormones, which are also medically prescribed to promote exuberant vitality. That is exactly where the crux of the problem erupted, and why MLB officials are outraged. The reprimanded MLB players retrieved these drugs from the now-defunct Bio-Genesis of America rejuvenation clinic, and Rodriguez was among those select few.
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