Alex Aniston To Participate in Jennifer’s Wedding

By: Jennifer Curra - September 29, 2013

Jennifer Aniston is planning a low-key wedding to Justin Theroux where family will be the center of the ceremony. Jennifer’s brother, Alex, will be the best man.

Alex is more commonly known by AJ, and his casual low-key lifestyle is how many recognize him. AJ has been reported to spend his time traveling between Los Angeles and Alaska in a van. Alex is as well known for his tattoos as he is for his penchant to travel.

A family friend spoke about Alex and how many have perceived him. “AJ is exactly the kind of person that security would throw out of Jen’s wedding. Instead, he’ll be front and center at the ceremony,” the source said.

Even Jennifer’s fiance wants to make sure that Alex has a critical position in the wedding.

“Justin feels that having AJ act as his best man at the wedding will give him an anchor in the family. There’s no doubt that AJ is quirky, but he’s got a good heart and Jen does love him,” the source added.

The source close to the family recently spoke about Jennifer’s opinion about her wedding to Brad Pitt and her personal interest in making sure that her brother has a supportive role in the upcoming nuptials.

“It was too big and incredible stressful. This time she wants a small family affair and she wants to go the extra mile to let her father see that she is still happy at last. And she knows that including his son would make him happiest,” the family source said.

The following image is a picture of Jennifer and Alex Aniston’s father who was present to watch Jennifer be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

[Images Via Wikimedia Commons And Courtesy of Angela George]
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  • http://Yahoo Frank Hill

    Good luck to the lady! I wish her all the luck in the world. You know this thing has played too long in the public eye. You newshounds give it a rest!

  • http://internetexplorer patty

    @FRANK HILL. I don’t think the media is responsible for Anniston’s life being played too long. HOW ABOUT ANNISTON HERSELF WITH HER, GETTING MARRIED TODAY, NO, TOMORROW, NO NEXT DAY, NO, CANCELLING UNTIL SPRING (AGAIN!) She is getting exactly what she is asking for/PUBLICITY..When I see this woman walk down the isle to marry Theroux, I will look out my window and see a pink elephant flying over my house. She wants children :) Hard to fertilize “OLD EGGS” Jennifer. However, I wish her happiness but I don’t think she really knows how to be happy. Unless she is front and center in the media.

    • http://yahoo Mary

      @ Patty. Settle Down! Who cares if someone wants to be happy for someone else getting married, then don’t be so sour about it! Jealous maybe?? Leave Frank and others alone who are just sharing the happiness ok, geeeeeez..

    • http://yahoo Jamie Smith

      WOW…Patty you are right on the Money…Aniston just loves the publicity for sure…She never will have a child ….it would ruin her figure.

      • Cheryl A.

        Who cares if she ever has a child or not? That is her choice and its not for everyone. If she decides later she wants a child she can adopt…if she wants to. She has an amazing body…jealous.

  • Cheryll

    OMG I Always thought till death do us part. That is the death of the marriage not the 2 getting married.