Alec Baldwin's Stalker Found Guilty, Sentenced To 7 Months

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Alec Baldwin has been battling a stalker case for months now, and it came to a close today after 41-year old Genevieve Sabourin was sentenced to seven months in jail.

Baldwin and Sabourin both took the stand this week during a trial to determine whether Sabourin was illegally harassing the actor; Baldwin became visibly upset as he gave his testimony, saying Sabourin ruined his engagement day with wife Hilaria. Hilaria also took the stand to describe to the judge how Sabourin had harassed her via Twitter and had come to their New York City apartment, which got her arrested last year.

Sabourin--a publicist who met Baldwin in 2002 while he was filming "The Adventures Of Pluto Nash"--claims that she had a sexual relationship with the actor and thought he was in love with her; when he suddenly stopped showing affection, she was dumbfounded.

"One minute Mr. Baldwin is head-over-heels for Ms. Sabourin and the next he's not interested at all," defense attorney Todd Spodek said. "Ms. Sabourin had a legitimate purpose in determining the status of their relationship."

However, Baldwin insists his relationship with Sabourin was strictly professional.

"It was a nightmare even an order of protection could not stop because this defendant was relentless, intentionally trying to destroy Alec Baldwin's peace of mind and his relationship with Hilaria," Assistant District Attorney Zachary Stendig said. "She knew the nightmare she was causing and that was exactly what she wanted. This encounter shows the depths of this defendant's obsession and her delusions. Even if you were to take at face value the claim that Alec Baldwin and the defendant slept together it wouldn't matter. In fact it would make the case stronger.”

Amanda Crum
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