Alanis Morissette Creates A Song Using Coffee


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Alanis Morissette has teamed up with coffee to create her latest tune. The Ironic singer and Costa Rican musician Carlos "Tapado" Vargas substituted coffee beans and coffee machines for percussion in order to produce the catchy song The Morning. The tune was inspired by female coffee makers in Costa Rica.

The video for The Morning premiered on The Hollywood Reporter. The song was written for the documentary A Small Section of the World.

The film, directed by veteran documentary filmmaker Lesley Chilcott (Waiting for Superman, An Inconvenient Truth), features the story of how a group of Costa Rican females start a coffee mill. According to the film's website, "A Small Section of the World is a documentary film that tells the inspirational story about a group of women from a remote farming region of Costa Rica whose ideas sparked a revolution in the coffee growing world."

"I just basically live for the feminine being and beauty — really talking about it and extolling the virtues of the feminine being celebrated in men and women alike," said Morissette in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I think about all the people that served so generously in today’s world — whether it’s nurses, hospice workers or teachers, all these people perhaps are paid millions of dollars less than a baseball player in their prime, and yet they’re offering so much of their lives in generosity and expertise," Morissette added. "A lot of them are not in the public eye. They don’t have their own YouTube channel. There aren’t millions of followers. But there’s this gorgeous planetary contribution and evolutionary contribution that’s taking place in a very quiet way."

Morissette feels that the story of Costa Rican female coffee producers is a tale worth telling, "For a long time, there was no conversation about women in coffee,” Morissette said. “But I think Lesley was telling me some 75 percent of coffee-making is done by women. I just think the community of coffee and how the women’s movement conversation can be threaded into it is really exciting and surprising.”

A Small Section of the World premieres in Los Angeles on December 5 and New York on December 19. It will be also be available on demand on December 16.