Alan Meckler in Expansion Mode Again

    December 6, 2009

 Alan Meckler who has bought and sold more B2B web properties than anyone else is… according to his Twitter post, back to buying again. 

We hope to close an acquisition late next week or early the next. And perhaps another by month end. Both exciting. More…

Our present platform plus coming deals will make us one of the more exciting blog networks in the BtoB space.

Rafat Ali suggested the possibility that Meckler is interested in either Silicon Valley Insider or Mashable in this tweet:

Rafat Tweet

Henry Blodget of The Business Insider, Inc. mocked the rumor a bit in his blog post:

"Holy sh&$!  Are we being bought?   Where are some investigative journalists when we need them?"


My guess is that of the two web properties the purchase of Mashable is most likely because of their recent steep pageview growth. It’s also interesting that there hasn’t been a tweet or a blog post from Pete Cashmore of Mashable commenting on this rumor.