Alan At Sun Notices That Blogs Have Changed His Opinion of Microsoft

    April 24, 2005

Alan Coopersmith, who works at Sun Microsystems, blogs about how Microsoft’s blogs are changing his opinion of his competitor …

… “Maybe they’re not so different from us…

I like how he calls me “the one who Pubsub’s” and his tip for getting the Tablet PC more exposure is good. Now I gotta learn something about Solaris and see if I can continue this positive ping-pong match.

If any Sun employees visit Seattle, drop me a line.

Excerpt added by WPN editor:

It’s all too easy to think of Microsoft as a faceless, inhuman “Evil Empire” when reading sites like Slashdot and Groklaw or even listening to some of the comments made in the past by people in Sun from the executives down to the rank-and-file. And even though I know how often we in Sun are amused by some of the wacky theories out there about what Sun is up to (“It’s impossible to have a conspiracy of 30,000 people” is a response I’ve heard quoted a few times), it’s not always easy to remember that Microsoft is in the same boat. So while a lot of people recently were pointing to the story of Sun Opteron servers being installed in Microsoft’s Enterprise Engineering Center as “proof they’re not all bad”, I’ve found that hasn’t changed my opinion of Microsoft as much as their increasing openness via blogs and other forums.

Of course, the most visible of these and the person I’d say is most responsible for putting a human face to Microsoft is Robert Scoble, whose blog output I can barely keep up with reading, much less trying to match in writing (I’m lucky to get a few entries a month out – he almost always has several per day).

Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. He works as’s Vice President of Media Development.

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