Alabama at Texas A&M: Highest TV Ratings in 23 years


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Saturday afternoon, No. 1 Alabama and No. 6 Texas A&M made history, not on the field, but based on the TV ratings. The broadcast of Saturday afternoon's game has earned the highest ratings for a CBS regular season college football game in over 23 years announced on Sunday by the Network. And it was a great game to watch.

The game earned an overnight household ratings/share of 9.0/21, that's up 200% from 2012's SEC season opener on CBS, Alabama Crimson Tide v. Arkansas Razorbacks. The previous highest rating for an afternoon regular-season game was Miami v. Nome Dame played Oct. 20, 1990. The ratings apparently were highest during the fourth quarter of the game as Manziel was leading Texas A&M for an outrageous comeback about 7:00-7:15 p.m. ET.

But, looks like Alabama will keep their number one spot after a 49-42 victory over Texas A&M, despite Johnny Manziel finishing the game with emaculate stats. This is why they call him, "Johnny Football." Manziel completed 28 of 39 passing for a career-high 464 yards, five touchdown passes and 98 yards rushing. Two interceptions hurt the Aggies, especially the second one giving the Crimson Tide a commanding lead of three-touchdowns.

If you break the game down, Alabama had a fantastic first half after they scored seven points in the first quarter, and 21 points in the second quarter. Texas scored 14 points in the first quarter and was shut down by Alabama defense in the second quarter. By the second half, Alabama defense felt a little intimidated by Manziel, after making a bit of a comeback. Alabama offense continued to successfully score and hoped they pulled this one out. Alabama managed a victory, starting Texas A&M out with a 0-1 record in the SEC.

This victory was fueled by vengeance after their most recent match up last November, where A&M won 29-24. Though it wasn't an easy win today for Alabama.

"We needed everybody all in today," Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban explained. "Even though it got ugly at times, they competed and it was a great win for us."

With Manziel still in the spotlight after off-the-field drama in the off season after he allegedly accepted payments from autographs that he had signed in January 2013, he was only suspended half a game. Everyone was a little eager to watch him go down.

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