AjaxNinja Whips Shurikens Into Digg

    September 14, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

If you’ve been in a situation like Lee Odden was this year, on the outs with social media site Digg, you’ve probably wondered if there are better places to try and get a site noticed.

AjaxNinja Whips Shurikens Into Digg
AjaxNinja Whips Shurikens Into Digg

AjaxNinja doesn’t have a cheeky video series like some other ninjas we know. What Aaron Stannard does have is an interesting post on finding a flood of niche portal traffic rather than pursuing the sometimes-hostile Digg audience.

That hostility supports his first reason for looking for more supportive communities than what Digg has to offer:

Small communities are filled with passionate users who are genuinely interested in the specific subject covered by that site; Digg users are interested in a wide variety of topics, and if your article doesn