Airlines Forced to Compensate Passengers

    February 17, 2005

New EU regulations force European airlines to compensate passengers for cancelled or delayed flights.

“The boom in air travel needs to be accompanied by proper protection of passengers’ rights.” said European Commission Vice President Jacques Barrot.

The airlines are putting up a fight against theses rules claiming that potential pay-outs could be larger than low ticket prices.

It is agreed by both parties that details still need to be worked out legally with the rules.

A Reuters article says,

“Airlines will have to pay up to 600 euros (414 pounds) to passengers barred from a flight because more tickets were sold than seats available. They must offer food and, if necessary, accommodation, for serious delays or cancellations.

The airline industry estimates the rules will add an extra 1.5 billion euros to costs, which could ultimately be passed on to passengers through ticket levies and may even force carriers to cancel routes to problem destinations.”

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