Air Force Sends Emails To Wrong Address

    March 5, 2008

The U.S. Air Force has been mistakenly sending emails meant for its base in Mildenhall, England to a local tourism Web site with a similar address.

Gary Sinnott launched a Web site in the mid 1990s, to promote his hometown. He soon began receiving emails from members of the U.S. Air Force who were trying to send messages to people at the base located in the town. The email address for those stationed there was

He reported the problem to base officials a number of times and was told not to worry about it. The Air Force maintained there had been no "verified security breach" but on one occasion Sinnott received an email about the flight plan for Air Force One.

When he told an official about receiving information about the presidential flight the official "went nuts". "That kind of information is not meant to be passed out to Joe Public," Mr. Sinnott told the BBC.

In addition he received another email about U.S. "military procedures and tactics." "It had the notice ‘Destroy by any means to prevent capture’," he said.

Sinnott has since decided to close down his Web site in order to stop receiving the emails.

Master Sergeant Charles Tubbs, chief of media relations at RAF Mildenhall said," There has not been any verified security breach that warrants any action."