AIM Spears Triton 1.5 Preview

    May 25, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A new version of the AIM Triton service, Preview Edition 1.5, became available from AOL and delivered integration with some recently released features.

The latest version of AIM Triton came online for testing. AOL has provided several goodies for the AIM userbase to play with in the 1.5 Preview Edition.

Users of AIM Phoneline will find it integrated into the AIM Triton client. Those who have been enjoying the free version of the Phoneline service can upgrade to the unlimited version, which includes e911 services and outbound calling for a monthly fee.

AOL’s effort at bringing a social networking site to the web, AIM Pages, has integration with the AIM buddy list. When a user updated the buddy list in Triton, it also updates the buddy list on his AIM Pages site.

At the bottom of the AIM Triton client window, the company has added an AOL Video module. Clicking it opens a list of links to videogame previews and music videos. Those links launch AOL’s Video player, where the user can browse through Pre-roll advertising, in the form of a 30-second MasterCard ad, ran before launching a music video we selected from the list.

People can select videos from the What’s Hot, Weird and Wacky, and other categories from the Video player window. From the player, the video can be added to a playlist, or sent by email or IM to a friend.

A couple of new features debuted with the 1.5 release. A set of Plugins called AIM Gadgets extend the functionality of the Triton client. Included in the download are features that allow for broadcast IMs to a group of buddies, one-click dialing of phone numbers, and control of AIM from a mobile phone.

Also, AIM users can try out the AIM Location plugin to show their buddies where they are on a mashup of AIM and AOL’s MapQuest mapping service.

AOL has enjoyed average user sessions of six hours for its network sites. Improving AIM Triton with additional features should help AOL keep those session times where they are as the company continues to deliver ads to support its audience-driven business model.


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