AIM Hits The 6.0 Mark

    November 16, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Lots of new features for AIM’s 42 million users arrived with the latest edition, AIM 6.0, including offline messaging, and conversation logging so people can go back and relive their favorite LOL moments in a given chat.

A variety of updates to the client software for AIM 6.0 arrived from AOL. Users of the wildly popular messaging software can leave messages for offline buddies and notify them via RSS after updating their accounts on Flickr, YouTube, and other sites.

Those who want to keep track of their AIM services on a mobile device may access the Mobile Dashboard from the AIM client. People can set up IM forwarding to their mobile device, and set alerts for news and reminders for special events through the Dashboard.

People with a lot of friends should like the expanded Buddy List. That can now contain up to 1,000 contacts. Everyone on AIM now has an AIM Page on AOL’s social networking site as well.

Users who are familiar with the AIM Today page that launches during AIM’s startup will see some changes to it next week. AOL said this would match the look and feel of the new AIM client, itself updated from the design of the previous version, AIM Triton.

On the developer side, the promised Web APIs for AIM have been placed online. These and the embeddable AIM Whimsicals arrive as an extension of the Open AIM program that launched earlier in 2006.

Users should have no trouble making the switch from Triton to AIM 6.0. There are a few minor visual differences, but nothing jarring in the client. AIM 6.0 is available for Windows 2000 and XP platforms.


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