After Christmas – The E-Commerce Challenge

    December 26, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

For US-based online businesses, the day after Christmas means getting back to work, but that doesn’t mean the holiday shouldn’t be on one’s mind.
After Christmas - The E-Commerce Challenge

Everyone looking at their alarm clock this morning – and swearing grumpily – has work to do. All of those efforts at bringing in traffic during the holiday season need to be reviewed and tweaked. Welcome back to the office.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s adCenter blog has advice for the day-after tasks that need to be completed. For one, don’t ramp down the promotional activity too fast, as post-Christmas shoppers with holiday cash gifts to spend may be ready for what you are selling.

December 26th and January 1st are popular shopping days, with shoppers hunting for discounts, Microsoft said in citing Channel Advisor. They may have gift cards to redeem, or a need for accessories for a present they received.

Businesses with product lines affected by those niches should say so on their ads. The time for pre-holiday ads has past, and those should be taken offline in favor of ads aimed at the coming New Year. Microsoft had some ad copy suggestions for those:

This is the year for [keyword]
New Year, New [keyword]
Now’s the time to make it happen
Make a Change
A New You in the New Year
Your goals are within reach

With the end of the Christmas rush, Microsoft advised advertisers to ramp down their keyword bids, look over campaign performance, and document what converted and worked well. This gives you a head start on the 2008 holidays.