African Serval Cat Killed In Detroit Neighborhood

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African Serval Cat Killed In Detroit Neighborhood
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A large African Serval cat that escaped from a Detroit home was shot dead over the weekend by a local resident, and now the former owners want answers.

The cat was actually a Savannah, which is a hybrid between an African Serval and a domestic cat and has the exotic features of a wild feline. The family says they believe the cat escaped through a screened-in window and roamed the neighborhood for several days, eluding a search party who were attempting to bring it home safely. Rumors began to spread that the animal was dangerous, and reportedly one resident took matters into their own hands when they spotted it.

“It was simply ignorance. A Savannah cat is a cross between an African Serval and a domestic cat, and that is it. They’re larger cats, they’re very beautiful, they have a lot of stripes and spots, which I think was more intimidating to people than even the size of the cat, because the cat wasn’t overly huge, about 25 pounds and maybe when it was sitting was probably two feet tall. But they’re very sweet animals, they’re kind of like the dog of the cat world,” said Laura Wilhelm-Bruzek of Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue.

The family says the cat never posed a threat to the public and even have photos of their neighbors petting it; Wilhelm-Bruzek says it’s a sad situation that could have been avoided.

“I’d love to see someone look into it and investigate it. But I’m not holding out a lot of hope. This whole thing from the beginning has just been a mess,” she said.

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African Serval Cat Killed In Detroit Neighborhood
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  • Jerry

    I own two beautiful and loving Siamese cats. I let them out everyday to commune with nature. Many of my friends and neighbors tell me they may be stolen or run over by a car. True! We also, as parents, have to reach the day when our children go out alone for the first time. When my cats don’t return in a timely manner, I worry. I know there can be negative consequences to my decision. I saw the story about the Detroit cat yesterday and just read about its death. From what I could piece together, the owners were completely at fault. Why were children in the neighborhood interviewed? Why didn’t the owners come forward and talk to the news media? On the video the cat did look a bit scary and not everyone goes home and “googles” to discern what breed is touring their neighborhood. Furthermore, this was a poor neighborhood with boarded up houses. Maybe the residents don’t have a PC or a Mac at home. This was a sad story but the condition of Detroit, the working class of this country, and the fact that we’re trying to re-build half of the underdeveloped world while allowing our own citizens to live in a city that’s lost its manufacturing base is sadder. The cat’s dead. Let’s all chip in $5 and fix Detroit’s neighborhoods, schools, public transportation etc. AND LET’S KEEP RACE OUT OF THIS! I never hear people talking about the colors of felines. Does anyone call a panther,”The N-Cat”?

  • http://Yahoo Sherlock

    I have a male cat that weighs about the same. Hope some ignorant ass doesn’t think he is a lion or similar and kills him. Atypical of our species, “If you don’t know what it is or understand it, KILL IT”. This has really afforded us intellectual advantage as a species. Hooray!!!

  • Doodle

    Just goes to show…you can’t fix stupid!!!!

  • Vivelena

    It’s Detroit!!!!

  • Jeremy Kristoff, SGT

    Mrs. Crum,

    I personally own the same type of cat that was shot in detroit. and the portrail of this cat as being wild is a gross exaggeration of any fantasy in the world. First of all it’s a Savannah cat breed not a Serval (and even then there are domestic Serval cats too). It was an F2 which means that, on the female side the GRANDPARENT was a Serval cat, and on the male side the closest Serval parent would have to be 4 or 5 generations (Savannah males are sterile until the 4th or 5th generation). ANYONE who can look up Wiki under Savannah cat could find this out. But you felt it was better to portray this cat as a wild cat that was shipped here from Africa or something and then released straight to the city. Now, here’s the truth, My cat while she’s only an F6 (that means that she’s 6 generations removed from the Serval/domestic house cat mating) but she’s still very beautiful. She’s 8-10 pounds and only 11 1/2 months old (she will grow until she’s almost 2 because of the size and genetic make up of the breed) and not including the tail she’s just about 18 inches long (from the nose to the base of the spine. Including the tail tends to give a false sense of size). She’s on the athletic/lanky side as far as build and Very intelligent. She’s also very playful, playing fetch and retrieve, walking on a leash, and loves the water. She runs very fast and can jump about 6′ high. She’s very friendly and protective of her family. I would equate her temperment to that of a friendly, yet shy, dog. I doubt that you will read this or even investigate anything about this breed and just chalk it up to a “wild cat” being killed. But that is what the public has come to expect from the press.

    • http://!!! Jose

      How many generations are pit bulls removed from their killing instincts ?? it’s in the genes, no matter how far removed, it stays. All it needs is a trigger, like Hunger. Or perceived threat. And it’s like a green light, they go for the throat !! Even after being raised from a puppy, they will kill and maul family members as if strangers. Not to be trusted. Neither wild animals raised as “pets.” Look at what a pet chimp, raised from birth did to a woman recently. One was killed , another had her face torn off. Go ahead make nice with ‘PETS “

  • vcpitts

    Thanks once again to out-of-control media reports resulting in the death of this beautiful animal. There was no threat, only fear fueled by ignorance. The killer and the media should both be sued for overreacting, resulting in dire consequences. PATHETIC.

  • Kara

    It’s Detroit……what did we expect. If we shot everyone who was a threat there, everyone would be dead. Maybe we should do that…..people pose more of a threat there then a cat. What an idiot. Not shocking some idiot took his gun out and shot it…..was it even a threat to him? probably not.

  • yodatu

    Oh this makes me ill that someone killed that cat. He was worth a lot of money and they make great pets. I am sure his owners are just sick about it. When I saw everything on the web this morning, I knew what kind of cat it was immediately. It is so sad that it came to such a tragic end.

  • http://servalcats dorothy

    I think that D.Savannah Brown is being rude and ignorant to who loves animals and nasty and making threats to kill other animals should be reported to local law enforcement

  • Deb

    Does the idiot who shot the cat now get shot? My house cat is almost that size and I don’t think anyone in my neighborhood would mistake it for something dangerous and shoot it. I hope this person at least gets some fines and jail time not that it will bring back this beautiful creature who was more frightened of the dipshit with the gun than you can imagine.

  • http://jjj Fred GRIGGS

    You have to kill it. no choice. It would kill anything day or night to survive for food.

    • Caro

      Fred, it was a house cat not a cheetah! Educate yourself before you post!

    • Charles

      Really Fred??? You have to kill it? You are an idiot, Fred. It’s been lost for a month. Did any kids or dogs get carried away by this cat?

      • http://jjj Fred GRIGGS

        That cat is a wild animal, it could feel threatened and attack a small child or other animal. It’s may not be a cheetah or a jaguar but it seriously hurt someone. How can anyone know what goes on in an animals brain?

      • http://jjj Fred GRIGGS

        I actually really like house cats…..normal size.

  • Solari

    The murderer should be made to pay a HUGE fine or spend time in jail AND be made to reimburse the owner..wanna bet it was George Zimmerman..he loves to kill living things..

  • Caro

    Whoever shot this cat should be prosecuted for animal abuse and their name should be published so decent animal loving people can avoid hiring them, dating them etc! This cat was a pet not a threat! Did the cat act as though it was a threat or did some jerk just think it would be fun to hunt this poor cat? And then to stuff it in a trash can? What kind of disrespectful monster does that? What is wrong with people? More and more we are seeing acts of cruelty against animals and people just look the other way and that is WRONG! This cat was 25 pounds – that is hardly a 100 pound cheetah! Why were people judging this poor cat simply based on appearance? We are becoming a shallow, pathetic, animal intolerant society and it is a disgrace! I am appalled by the people who complained and think the person who shot this cat should be shot himself!

  • Ohio Capitalist

    That is the way they do it in Detroit. No wonder the city is so pathetic.

  • MS

    If the person who shot and killed this beautiful cat had researched it first on the internet, he would have known that the animal was a Savannah cat and, most probably, someone’s escaped pet. The people who shoot first and ask questions later give responsible gun owners a bad name. Know what you are shooting at before you pull the trigger, please.

    • 2eREP

      His name is DEwonna! And Dewonna Cap yo azz to!

    • http://!!! Jose

      what he saw was a wild animal with the potential of doing harm to small children or domesticated animals. He may have prevented this ” pet” from killing and eating a small child . Lets suppose this “pet” had in fact killed a small child, to eat as it was Hungry. Where would you animal lovers be ?? And what would you animal lovers feel for the grieving parents of the murdered child ?? Too bad ? the animal was Hungry, so it did what comes natural……………..

  • Charles

    Ignorant asshats. Here is just another reason that idiots shouldn’t have guns. Big bad kitty killers. What a beautiful animal we lost. I hope that they prosecute this piece of crap for animal cruelty.

  • 2eREP

    Yep in DEETROIT if it moves you steal it, shoot it or F…..It! If it ain’t movin you spit on it and say the hell with it! DEETROIT sur nuf is one Spankin Hot Spot!!

  • amysuzannemartin@yahoo.com

    Please don’t breed cats (let alone cross-breed them). If you want a pet, go to your local animal shelter and adopt a cat. Then, be sure to keep it indoors. Domestic cats make awesome pets, and too many cats are in need of good homes. There’s absolutely no reason to be breeding animals.

  • April

    In Detroit they shoot and kill everything.

    • donr

      I thought that was Chicago?

  • donr

    It’s at least a good thing that it happened in Detroit and not Chicago. From what we read and the news says, the shooter might have taken out the owner and a few neighbors too. Golly, a news item, a killing and there is no mention of the deceased looking like someone’s son might have looked, or the shooter being racist. Refreshing for a change.

  • sandy betts

    Great Job Morons! “Hay, it looks different..Kill it” One day mother nature is going to rise up and squash all of us like vermon for our actions against her. Dumb stupid godless fools!

    • Elfie

      Sandy you are absolutely right in what you said. The killing of this animal was senseless. The neighborhood people were a bunch of uneducated overdramatized citizens who initially reported that the cat was 4ft tall with with arms!!!

  • Sherrie

    I am so sorry for the family that lost their beautiful cat. I have a bengal. I hope that the man who shot this cat does the right thing, and gives the family money to bury their beloved pet.

  • http://none Isadora

    What a shame. That was a beautiful Cat. I hope the person who abandoned it is happy. They should have taken it to a shelter, or better still, kept it and gave it love.

    To the shooter. I hope you didn’t destroy this beautiful animal just for fun. I mean you had to have a reason. I just can’t think what it would be. Fear I suppose.

    • Elfie

      Nicely said.

  • bill johnson

    There are evidently some very stupid people in Detroit. Maybe that is why the city is in such bad shape. Is it possible to just make Detroit disappear ?

    • Doc

      Damn the cat..

  • bill johnson

    Is Obama going to weigh in on this?

    • Elfie

      No, he would only have weighed in on this if the cat would have attacked some black person in that neighboorhood.

  • Elfie

    This is really a sad story from beginning to end. This beautiful animal should never have been bred for captivity, and it never should have been in a city like Detroit. I watched the original article this morning where some people in the cat’s neighboorhood described the animal as being 4 feet tall with arms. Really??? Come on that was sheer stupidity, and cats do no have arms , they have legs. It was this type of mentality that doomed this animal once the “uneducated” got involved.

    • Doc

      F…k the cat.. He is in that big feline in the sky

      • http://Yahoo Olivia

        I’m not sure on “Doc’s” comments. I take it, this did not bother you in the least bit. Respond if I have misunderstood your comments. I, for one, was keeping up with this story, hoping the beautiful, harmless and someone’s beloved pet, would not get harmed or worse, killed and returned to their owners. When I got on the Internet this am, that was the first story I read. I cried. Yes, I am an animal lover. This cat wasn’t hurting anyone. He was just hungry. Respond Doc, I would like to know how you feel about animals. Animals are great companions, they love you unconditionally, treat you better than some humans. Oh, and by the way, I am a cat owner and lover.

        • Doc

          Animals are fine. Some people put an animal before human life. Some animals eat better and live better than humans, not the animal fault at all. I can give less than a shit about a cat and dog, but they should not be killed just because. But if one charge or attack anyone off with his head.

    • Doc

      The cat said, hit me with your best shot, come on and hit me with your best shot.. Detroit fire awwaaay!!!!!!

      • Gail

        Only stupid people in a place like Detroit would shoot an animal on sight that was not dangerous. Probably teens who were bored and had nothing better to do. They should all be provided a prefrontal lobatomy and sent to a farm where they could do something actually useful instead of sitting around looking for something to kill.

        • Doc

          Racist …. Would not come to Detroit and say it..in the community coward

  • http://yahoo Arcie Huntsman

    Why don,t you realize that the S.O.B that shot the poor animal is a freekin Hero? Just ask the stupid Basterd,He,ll tell you!A cowardly prick head.He would be better off to shove the barell up his sorry ass and pull the trigger!

  • http://yahoo Arcie Huntsman

    I wouldn,t know much about what goes on in Animals minds Fred,Butt I would bet my ass,that it would come natural to you! Know whatta I mean????

  • Reverend Al Slapton

    Doc and D Savannah give me your address so I can come slap yall and shove you into a garbage can and make you eat cat litter!

    • Doc

      This story is over like that damn cat

  • Sherry

    Such a beautiful animal. People can be so ignorant! And the MEDIA causes more chaos than it’s worth, it’s more important to sensationalize than get the facts straight!

  • Jose

    it was going to be nice , until it got HUNGRY, then would attack something small enough it would consider PREY. Like a small child. or small dog, to EAT . !! WHOEVER SHOT THE CAT, may have prevented this animal with WILD genes, and with predatory feelings from killing some small innocent child playing in his backyard !! Same goes for you pit bull lovers. Never put animal life above Human.

  • http://!!! Jose

    Regular cats can be lethal when pissed off, if big enough. Fangs and claws always out do imaginary nice, or a smile. Any exotic, animal, should be punched with a chip , so if it attacks, they can be traced back to owner ! And made responsible for whaever damage they do, you’ll soon see that no more ” escapes” happen.

  • RC

    I mean seriously who expected someone in Detroit to actually say “Hey that’s a Savannah, it a mild mannered non-dangerous cat let’s catch it and return it to it’s owners?” DUH people are afraid of the unknown so bravo to the person who acted on their fear and didn’t allow this WILD AFRICAN CAT to even scratch a HUMAN!

  • http://animals.sandiegozoo.org/animals/serval#sthash.gp7TBIDf.dpuf Sunny

    This is according to the San Diego Zoo: Some people think it would be fun to own a wild or exotic cat. This has led to a Serval hybrid called the “savanna cat,” a captive-raised Serval bred with a domestic cat. Wild animals, even those born in zoos, keep their wild instincts for hundreds, even thousands, of years, so these cats do NOT make good pets. Special permits are required for trained experts or zoos to own or house wild Servals, and it is against the law in some states to own Savanna cats. – See more at: http://animals.sandiegozoo.org/animals/serval#sthash.gp7TBIDf.dpuf I think people may have thought it was a risk if they had children to have this cat running around their neighborhood. They may have been correct.

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