Affiliate Programs: Promote Your Links

    May 20, 2005

Affiliate links. Many bloggers have a few of them. Some bloggers have many affiliate programs available through their blogs.

That’s a good thing.

Making money from your blog is something that I support completely. After all, a blog is a form of small independent business. It’s only reasonable that it provide an income.

After all, you spend hours each week researching and writing blog posts. It’s only fair that you be paid for your work on behalf of your readers.

Don’t be shy about reminding your readers to click through your blog’s affiliate links. When your readers make a purchase, it’s reasonable that you receive a reward for sending the buyer to the commercial site.

Sales people earn commission income.

So should bloggers.

I was just reading a new work based blog called My Fascinating Life.

The blogger, writing under the pen name “Overshop”, was apologetic to her readers about asking them to use her blog affiilate links when making an online purchase.

I suggested in her comments section that she should remind her readers of her affiliate links on a regular basis. After all, she is providing a great work blog. It only makes sense that her readers help her out by using her affiliate links.

She needs to earn an income too.

At the same time, the businesses offering the affililate programs are very happy to pay the affiliate commissions. After all, as a blogger, you sent them some brand new customers.

If affiliate programs weren’t convenient and profitable for all concerned, no online business world offer them.

By increasing your blog’s level of affiliate activity, you’ve helped the parent business to succeed as well.

Everyone wins.

The blogger benefits from the added income.

The readers are supporting your great blog, and they have a convenient one stop shopping mall on your links section.

The business offering the affiliate program receives some brand new buyers of its products and services.

Talk about a multiple win-win-win situation.

Don’t be shy about reminding your readers to use your blog affiliate links.

They help everyone to succeed and achieve their goals.

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