AdWords Tool Aims To Help You Diagnose Ads Faster

    March 20, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google announced a new “status insights” icon in the ads tab in AdWords accounts, which Google says provides visibility into the approval status and potential policy limitations of each ad creative. Google says it’s a way to diagnose your ads faster.

“The new icon will be particularly valuable if you’re advertising products or services that are restricted by our advertising policies to show only in specific countries or with certain keywords,” says Katie Miller of Google’s Inside AdWords crew.

“We’ll tell you if the individual ad is showing for the default keyword and location displayed in the hover,” she adds.

To use the icon, hover over the speech bubble in the Status column. You can re-diagnose an ad with a different target location or keyword by editing the parameters.

Status insights in adwords

Status insights in adwords

Last week, Google announced that it increased campaign limits to 10,000 (including active and paused campaigns) per account.

  • http://www.davidnrothwell.com David Rothwell

    The keyword diagnostic batch tool is great and getting better all the time, but I have some comments:

    – it’s not available from the API, remote diagnosis would be brilliant.
    – even though its claimed you can batch process up to 20,000 keywords, I have consistently found that diagnosis fails at 10,400 keywords
    – although the online tool has improved and is much more usable and specific in results, G have totally crippled the download function which used to be quite closely consistent with the report (back in the old report days); now, all the useful status info has been removed from it making it useless for offline processing
    – the diagnosis tool should be capable of being scheduled and sending/downloading a report csv for offline processing
    – you should be able to set a filter to exclude all Display campaigns as they are out of scope

  • johnny

    you can also batch check your ads with the following tool