AdWords Suggests A Super Sunday For Ads

    February 3, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Though the vast majority of AdWords advertisers will not have commercials running during Super Bowl XL on Sunday, they can still learn a lesson about ad targeting for on- and off-line media.

AdWords Suggests A Super Sunday For Ads
Here’s To A Super Sunday… For Advertisers

When it comes to regional targeting, do you have your game face on? Line up at WebProWorld and let us know.

Only during the NFL Super Bowl do TV viewers look forward to the commercials as much as they do the game. In the case of matchups between teams from smaller media markets, there is probably even more of the commercial anticipation in play.

AdWords doesn’t have a TV commercial scheduled for the big game, but the people behind the service do have some comments that can benefit the heavy advertising hitters and the vast pool of smaller AdWords marketers.

Brands like Pepsi that will be on television should heed the advice that people tend to search the Internet for brands they have just seen during the game. Those advertisers should consider using online advertising to complement their offline spending to take advantage of that.

How does that help the businesses that don’t have a TV ad on-screen? AdWords reminds its clients that regional targeting can help greatly:

Whether you’re running a local real estate commercial or a nationwide branding campaign, you can tailor your AdWords ads to the specific region that you’re targeting to ensure that the people who see your ad on the air, will also find it when they search online.

One example could be the chambers of commerce for both Seattle and Pittsburgh, as well as Super Bowl host city Detroit. Fans may have business to conduct in any of those cities, so why not try to connect with those fans while their interest in a city is deeper than usual?

Other enterprises connected with business tourism, like hotels, restaurants, and airlines, could remind those searching fans about the virtues of using certain brands among those enterprises. Any opportunity to get one’s name recognition improved and broadened among potential clients should be tapped, which is what AdWords hopes its advertisers will do.

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