AdWords Site Targeting Goes Live

    June 17, 2005

After a beta test period proved successful, all Google AdWords advertisers can now access a “site targeting” feature for content-targeted ads, so they can control what partner sites their ads appear on. Placement will be auction-based, with CPM rates starting at $2.

Now that’s smart.

As argued before in this space, this could get pricey. One way that some advertisers might choose to approach this is to narrowly experiment with just appearing on some prime Internet real estate, even if the cost is a bit steep. If you’re going to burn cash for visibility, at least you want to do so in such a way that you and your company’s management control the delivery of the message.

If you aren’t fussy about appearing all the time, you could still bid $2 CPM and be seen regularly by your target audience, building awareness over time.

Site Targeting

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