AdWords Gets More Help From Analytics

    June 29, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Google added a couple of new features to its AdWords program to help advertisers better optimize their campaigns.

The company said it has expanded the integration of Google Analytics into AdWords to help provide more useful data to advertisers. The AdWords Analysis report and the AdWords Keywords Positions report will appear in all Google Analytics accounts.

AdWords advertisers will have the ability to automatically track AdWords campaigns. The reports are populated with data imported directly from AdWords and automatically linked with Analytics, without manual tagging of keywords or data upload.

The Analysis report displays the return on investment for every Campaign, Ad Group, and keyword, calculated by AdWords keyword costs and goal or e-commerce values specified by the advertiser.

The Keyword Positions report displays conversion information correlated by paid search result position for each keyword purchased for determining the value of keywords in relation to their actual position. It shows which position works best for a keyword and allows advertisers to target that position using Position Preferences in Adwords.