AdWords Formula Fixed For Top Spot

    August 23, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s advertisers should be a little happier with the ability to compete for top placement in AdWords, thanks to a tweak to the formula for calculating who grabs the top spot.

AdWords Formula Fixed For Top Spot
AdWords Formula Fixed For Top Spot

The top ad placement formula will weigh the Quality Score of an ad more heavily when compared to the maximum CPC offered by an advertiser, Google confirmed on its Inside AdWords blog.

Advertisers had long grumbled about the difficulty in getting a higher quality ad past a low quality, higher bidding one, in paid search placement. Google discussed more details about the change:

Beginning today, the actual CPC you pay for an ad in a top spot will continue to be determined by the auction, but subject to a minimum price. The minimum price is based on the quality of your ad and is the minimum amount required for your ad to achieve top placement above Google search results. As always, your actual CPC will be discounted and the higher your ad