AdWords For TV Details Impressive

Can you say YouTube Channel?

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Screenshots have surfaced detailing Google’s AdWords for TV tests, which appear to be near completion after a year of trials. Next stop: the UK.

We are definitely on the verge of some kind of merger between the Web and TV, and Google may beat everybody to it. We expected more from Yahoo back in the day, especially with all those Hollywood ties.

Entrepreneur Pinny Cohen posted a slide show of how Google plans to integrate TV ads into the AdWords Platform – or vice versa – and those details show that it was a smart move on Nielsen’s part to form a strategic partnership rather than take Google head-on.

Here’s the type of information and control advertisers can expect to get from an AdWords TV ad:

  • Access to number of impressions (how many screens)
  • Choice of CPM rate for daypart bidding
  • Ability to run nationally or locally
  • Demographic targeting
  • Audience size estimates
  • Engagement: how long viewers watched an ad, at what point they change channels

Cohen is pretty expansive about the impact TV AdWords will have on the TV experience and programming:

"We can expect advertisers who never thought of advertising on TV rushing to try this out, while veteran advertisers on TV, such as Pepsi, will likely cut their ad spend, since they have an easier way to discover which ads aren’t working and would be able to turn off those ads or go back to the drawing board and come up with a better ad."

I’m not sure about the other things: the creative impact it may have on network programming; the possibility of TV spam (wouldn’t it still be cost, or at least Google, prohibitive?); TV show vandalism via wardrobe-malfunction-esque offensive commercials popping up (good luck with the FCC if Google doesn’t control for that!); and an influx of political ads during election seasons (Google’s already pretty vigilant about taking down ads that speak against individuals or organizations).

But the impact will be pretty significant, especially in the way Cohen notes in the passage I selected. Two things at this point are very possible: the TV ad playing field will be effectively leveled; or Google folds to make it more exclusive than it is already.

This is not going to make TV networks or the ad brokers very happy unless Google can show them the money. But I imagine also (light bulb!) that YouTube has a very good chance of getting its very own channel. In fact, I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened. Could you imagine it? You could flip back and forth between G4 and the YouTube channel. Sweet. And guess who’s supplying the advertising for it. 

AdWords For TV Details Impressive
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  • http://www.ultrasuoni.eu Loris Puddu

    When your Director Manager think to do this web-portal in italian language ?

    Ciao fron Italy



  • http://www.omnisserver.com/ Chris

    When I first saw Web based TV and YouTube, I thought that it was an interesting shift. I also thought that it would rapidly become a massive success, which it has. I must admit mixing adwords and YouTube was one I didn’t see coming.

    The thing is though, it is pretty obvious that you can only have one ad on screen at a time, therefore I guess the cost of these ads to the advertiser is likely to be high, so will this be the domain of the large corporations.

    One thing that many have haled as the big success of the Internet is the way that it allows even the ordinary individual to be as powerful as the global multinational. I think the shift toward mega players like Google is likely to be really good news for the the big boys, because they can once again use their financial muscle to control the information and images most people are exposed to.

  • http://www.coleman-cartoons.com Guest

    The only problem I see with the ads that rely on streaming video is the difficulty people have in playing them.  I have DSL, supposedly, with MSN Qwest, and yet whenever I get a streaming video sent to me I have to play it all the way through before it will play again without stopping every few seconds. It’s too time-consuming and annoying to bother with.  If Google can come up with a technology where these ads actually play like they do on tv, they will have something.

    Ron Coleman

  • http://www.rollingstonedreams.com Kidkel69

    I have been using the Youtube/adsense video viewers for months on my site and love them!

  • http://www.hemroidshelp.com hemroids

    The future of web and tv is going to be integrated and has already been moving in that direction. The fact is that even video game consoles are making the move to amalgamating features (including built in browsers)

    The move for Google makes sense, and the idea of a Youtube channel would be very lucrative if it could be monetized.

  • http://www.animaroo.com puppies for sale

    I agree with the user who spoke about the merging of media. TV and Internet and all components will be merged and seamless, so perhaps it might be a very smart move for Google to look into this ad channel.

  • http://www.homeremedyhaven.com Home Remedies

    To be honest, I am really surprised that Google has not delved further into tv advertising both to promote their engine and also to make more money.

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