AdWords For Google Base Listings

    May 18, 2006

Google is encouraging users to promote products and services listed on Google Base through its AdWords program.

An item from the Google Base blog reads, ” If you’re familiar with Google AdWords, you’ll be happy to know that we’re now enabling you to create AdWords ads for individually posted items in Google Base, right from the Google Base edit item page.”

Google Base is a free listings environment in which virtually anyone can list practically anything, making the content stand out on various Google search devices by adding keyword attributes. Google Base results already appear in the general Google results, on Google Maps and in Froogle.

According to the Google Base blog posting, an internal, Google AdWords team will handle much of the ad process, at least for new advertisers. “You simply write the ad creative and tell us how much you’re willing to spend and we’ll do the rest. We’ll automatically use the content from your Google Base item to target your ad to user queries, displaying your ads only when they are relevant. We’ll even geo-target your ads to the most appropriate location.”

Search Engine Marketers and Google Base advertisers might want to set up their own AdWords accounts first. ” If you already have an AdWords account that uses the same Google Account login, we’ll automatically include your Google Base ad in your AdWords account.”

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