AdWords Editor Beta Opens To All

    June 7, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Google continues an active week of product releases and updates by making its AdWords Editor available to anyone who wants to download a copy.

An invitation-only beta test of AdWords Editor began in January. That beta has been opened up to more users, as Search Engine Roundtable noted the release of the product for download.

The AdWords Editor provides an offline way to work on an AdWords campaign. Advertisers can pull in all of their campaign information from Google, view statistics, make bulk changes, and upload the alterations back to Google from the editor.

Working offline allows the advertiser to prepare changes and have them ready to go at a future date. Businesses with a seasonal or shorter cycle for running campaigns can stay a step ahead of each needed update. When the time comes to rollout the new campaign, it can be retrieved with the AdWords Editor and sent online.

While any of Google’s AdWords clients can use the software, the company sees the greatest benefit coming to those who have large accounts, with multiple campaigns and lengthy keyword lists. The AdWords Editor can manage several AdWords accounts as needed.

Everything starts with a download of the free editor. The user will be prompted to add an account, and after downloading the campaigns can start editing them.

Although the current version of the software comes in a Windows-only version, the Digital Inspiration blogger Amit Agarwal claims Mac and Linux versions are expected soon.

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