AdWords API Gets A Java Fix

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Developers who work with Java and Google AdWords will be delighted to see the newest release from Google’s AdWords API team.

The version 0.4 release of the AdWords API Java Client Library has been made available. The SourceForge pages that host the Library provide information and a link to the release.

Google’s Patrick Chanezon posted news of the release at the AdWords API blog:

There are very few code changes and it still supports AdWords API v4 (except a fix to the AdWordsService interface which was lacking a few methods used for quota management).

There are many improvements in the documentation and samples. The javadoc for the library has been updated to reflect the new architecture, and now we ship samples showing how to use all the services, and the most useful methods in the API.

Google distributes the AdWords API client under BSD licensing terms. The license offers commercial developers permission to use the technology in proprietary commercial products; Wikipedia notes examples of both Microsoft and Apple using code licensed with BSD.

The Java Client Library offers all the data classes needed to build an application around AdWords. It provides the AdWordsService interface as Chanezon observed in his post. The interface lets a developer include quota management functionality on an AdWords service by casting it to the AdWordsService interface, as noted in the Javadocs.

An AdWordsUser class in the Library should help developers trim down the code used in their applications for authentication. “The AdWordsUser class has methods for setting username, password, useragent and token so that you don’t have to write the code to set the request headers,” according to the Javadoc.

More ideas for development may be found at the AdWords API wiki pages. Open source projects for Java, PHP, and others appear there, but the wiki itself looks like it needs some supervision. Virtually of the wiki’s “members” have the word ‘ringtones’ in their names.


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AdWords API Gets A Java Fix
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