Advice From BlogWorld About Twitter And Awesomeness

    October 15, 2009

This morning, the BlogWorld & New Media Expo kicked off, and Laura Fitton, the CEO of Pistachio Consulting and author of Twitter for Dummies, was good enough to give the opening keynote.  Fitton kept things interesting as she focused on Twitter along with the concept of "awesomeness."

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If that 11-letter term threw you, refer to Umair Haque’s "Awesomeness Manifesto."  It’s a short piece that recently made the rounds on Twitter and tends to complement Fitton’s views.

Laura FittonAnyway, Fitton said, "Awesomeness should not be a private street."  She encouraged listeners to "figure out your passion and go out there and do it," which is a nice message.  Then she got into some specifics.

Part of success, according to Fitton, is luck.  But she thinks that "you can learn to be lucky."  Otherwise, it’s all about belief and connecting, and Twitter – which Fitton likened to a superpower – is key to that last step.

Fitton said it’s important to remember that ordinary, everyday people can use Twitter, and so you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself on the site.  She also recommended listening, learning, caring, and serving on Twitter.  "Influence is providing attention and value to others," Fitton stressed.

As for the benefits, besides becoming awesome and building a brand, Fitton feels that using Twitter can make you a better and happier person.

WebProNews Video reporter Abby Johnson contributed to this report.