Had November’s Best Reach

    December 20, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

AOL’s edged out Yahoo Advertising Network in reaching the most US home and work Internet users last month.

By touching 86 percent of those users in November 2007, finished a little bit ahead of its Yahoo counterpart, which pulled in an 85 percent reach.

The Ad Focus Ranking from comScore listed Google’s ad network in third, reaching 76 percent. Blue Lithium, a Yahoo ad network property, ranked fourth with 74 Had November's Best Reach

ComScore also assessed the top web properties visited in November by US surfers. Yahoo’s and Google’s sites rated first and second, at 136 million and 131.5 million visitors.

Microsoft managed to sneak past Time Warner/AOL into third place, 119.2 million to 119 million. Fox Interactive Media’s 81.3 million followed Time Warner to round out the top five.

Other noteworthy sites appearing in comScore’s top 50 for November by unique visitors included Ask (51.6 million), Apple (43.8 million), and Facebook (33.6 million).