Advertising with FindWhat and Verizon

    October 7, 2004

FINDWHAT.COM has expanded its online services relationship with Verizon Information Services, the nation’s leading yellow pages provider and the nation’s number 1 Internet directory.

Under the terms of the extended agreement, local and national pay-per-click ads are to be distributed throughout the Network and are available as added advertising content for other private label partner programs. The multiyear agreement is an extension of Verizon Information Services’ initial relationship with, Inc., announced in December 2003, with Private Label providing the technology and business operations expertise to support pay-per-click advertising services.

“The expansion of our relationship with Verizon shows how Private Label offers more than pay-per-click technology solutions,” stated Rick Szatkowski, SVP/GM of the Network/Private Label division of, Inc. “Integral to the success of our private label service is access to our distribution expertise and partner relationships – both distribution partners on the Network and large private label partners. Our ability to recognize the respective strengths of each of our partners allows us to bring together the very best features and functionality of an all-in-one cohesive offering that maximizes value for our partners, for our partners’ customers and for As an example, working closely with Verizon we have bridged the gap between free-form general web search and the structured category-based environment of the YP/IYP publishers, allowing us to match prospective buyers on the Network with the most relevant advertisers from Verizon.”

With advertisements added to advertisements, Network distribution partners benefit in several ways: more ad content covering more of their users’ interests; a more robust local search option that complements’s new pay-per-call(1) advertising service; and as a result, additional revenue opportunity and higher retention of their end-users with expected increases in frequency of visits, page views and time spent at their sites. private label partners can benefit by having immediate ad content for their implementations, as they continue to expand their own advertiser bases. advertisers will benefit from the added exposure for their ads and additional leads for their businesses.

“By joining’s distribution network, now offers its advertisers greater opportunities to be found by consumers completing relevant local or general searches,” said Scott Laver, president – Verizon Information Services Internet Division. “Online search is becoming a part of everyday life for most Americans, and we want to be everywhere users are looking for products and services.’s expertise and network help us get there.”

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