Advertising Week Needs to Focus on Future

    August 31, 2006

The third annual Advertising Week kicks off September 25th in New York City.

It’s designed to celebrate the industry, but at this rate it might as well be a wake for Madison Avenue.

Vote for your favorite icon and slogan and you’ll get the idea.

There are some venerable brands in there, but if the industry is simply patting itself on the back while looking at the past, how can it expect to be around for the future? At this rate, the only music being played at this party will be a dirge.

Advertising Week should round up its “best and brightest” and figure out how they will drive value to its customers in the future. Social media is more than just the new shiny thing they need to begrudgingly speak to, it’s changing the landscape.

That said I enjoyed voting for my favorite icon and slogan. The winners are announced September 29th.

But where was the sock puppet? Perhaps Madison Avenue is saving that one to represent themselves alongside all things 2.0?

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