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    February 26, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

I’m looking at my web stats report from last week and see a blog comment we wrote on Telstra and the Apple Iphone hype has been picked up by quiet a few blogs. It gets me thinking for a minute about Vista and other products currently getting plenty of media coverage.

How often does a product hype meet the customers expectation? What are the implications of under and over delivery?

Today, Product Managers talk about "experiential" marketing.

Is it better to deliver the expectation as promised? Tell is as it is, truth in advertising and build customer longer term trust.

What then happens when you overlay customer technology adoption life cycle?
Where do you fit on the curve? An Innovator, an Early Adopter, Early Majority, Late Majority or Laggard?.

For different products do we adopt different buying behaviour?

Marketing a new technology is vastly different than marketing a consumer product that carries little or no risk.

In the risky world of high tech, the customer will not rely on the word of the provider. The customer’s decision process is based on finding objective information from reliable sources, something the supplier cannot provide.

Sixty percent of the high-tech startup companies that succeed in getting venture capital end up in bankruptcy. (more)

Today, Internet social bookmarking is a major force in determining product success and failure.

Below is an updated summary of what’s hot and not.

On the Rise
Digital Magazines
Marketing Resource Management
Video Search Technologies
Mobile TV On-Demand
Digital Asset Management
Advertising Distribution and Management Software
Advertising Targeting Technologies
AM/FM/TV Datacasting
Open IT Standards in Post-Production
Internet-Driven VOD (Video On Demand)

At the Peak
Mobile TV Broadcast
Open IT Standards in Back Office
Consumer Content Creation Tools
Metadata Standards
Monetizing P2P

Sliding Into the Trough
Real Simple Syndication
Digital Rights Management Technologies
High Definition
Interactive TV Advertising Targeting Applications

Climbing the Slope
Streaming Media

Entering the Plateau
Instant Messaging

Off the Hype Cycle
Media Servers

Hype Cycle for the Media Industry, 2005



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