Advertising on Content Networks

    June 1, 2007

As long as I’ve been pay-per-clicking I’ve never been able to turn a profit advertising on Google Adwords content network. My search ads have a great ROI, and the content ads produce triple the revenue of the search ads but the expense is more than the revenue. I’m pretty sure this is the result of “push advertising” concept that is the Google content network. The network brings in tire kickers rather than buyers.

So I called in the big guns to help me figure out the problem. George (Werty) Kepnick, the pay per click prodigy, gave me this advice:

Well Google now allows you to have both a content and search prices. I
would suggest tracking the content vs search network and measure the
ROI on either. just start low on the content side and work your way

Throw this in your add url:

{ifsearch:googlesearch-}{ifcontent:googlecontent-}{keyword} (more info)

It will tag your url as googlecontent-key_word which should then allow
you to track things based on that.

Hopefully, I can get this Contextual PPC going because I know I’m leaving a fortune on the table. Anybody else have any good tips?

Update: Werty also informed me, “It would make more sense to run [the campaign] at a loss probably and work your way down to the ’sweet spot’. If you go the other way you may never reach the ’sweet spot’ due to lack of exposure.”