Advertising Legend Discusses Fear, Love At ad:tech

    April 22, 2009

Steve Hayden, who currently serves as a vice chairman at Ogilvy Worldwide, has been successful in the advertising industry for many years.  In fact, Hayden was a co-creator of Apple’s "1984" campaign.  And at ad:tech this week, Hayden gave a keynote address titled "Fear, Love, and Advertising with Steve Hayden."

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Steve Hayden

Hayden placed the recent video showing employees of Domino’s Pizza doing some disgusting things on the "fear" side of the equation.  Companies obviously don’t want this sort of thing to happen to them.  On the flipside, the clip of Susan Boyle singing belongs on the "love" side – companies would kill to create this kind of positive stir around their products.

So, according to Hayden, it’s important for marketers to focus on finding the love in advertising.  He named a company called Intelevision as an example of this.  Intelevision, which launched today, acts as search engine for TV programs, giving users more control over when and how they see shows and ads.

Another example involves Ford.  Ogilvy is stirring up social media conversations by loaning Ford Fiestas to people and encouraging them to post their thoughts online.

Hayden concluded his keynote by giving two more fear/love observations.  A marketer’s fear may be that everyone can make ads, but a potentially lovable fact is that great ideas still rule.

WebProNews Reporter/Anchor Abby Johnson contributed to this report.