Advertisers Continue to Adopt Online Marketing Strategies

    February 16, 2006

An annual survey conducted by IT Analytics firm Outsell Inc. concludes that just over 80% of advertisers are using some form of Internet Marketing with a definite emphasis on search marketing.

With an increase in ad-spending of about 19% seen in the online advertising sector, the 80% figure is projected to grow to about 90% over the next two years. According to the survey, ” Annual Ad Spending Study: Where and Why Advertisers are Moving Online “, spending on Internet advertising is growing at a rate of eight times that of TV and Radio spending which is growing at only 2.4% and six times faster than print budgets which are growing by about 3.3%.

Separating the 1200 respondents in to groups preferring Google, Yahoo, or MSN, the survey found that Google is viewed as the most effective though it has costs that can run 20% lower than those of Yahoo and MSN.

This finding was addressed by Outsell VP Chuck Richard in an interview with ClickZ magazine on Monday. “I think smaller firms have less bandwidth to try out multiple search engines, Google has a lower minimum bid price for keywords than Yahoo! and MSN.”

Richard sees this time as a period of rapid growth in emerging areas for Internet advertising. Ad-spending on blogs, for instance, sits at about 2% of average advertising budgets but is expected to grow by over 43% in the coming two years.

“Advertisers indicate they will increase their spending,” said Richard in the ClickZ interview, “They’re not taking a wait-and-see approach.”

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