Adult Sites Fall To Social Networks In The UK

    January 26, 2009

Visits to social networks in the UK continue to surpass visits to adult Web sites, according to data from Hitwise.

The trend in the UK started last October when for the first time social networks became more popular than adult sites.

Hitwise says that adult sites are not surprisingly more popular with men but more than half (55%) of visitors to social networks and forums are women.

Adult Sites Fall To Social Networks In The UK

From the Hitwise blog,"In the US social networks first overtook adult sites in mid 2007, but since then the two categories have been battling it out with no clear winner emerging."

"Looking at the chart above, we may be in for a similar situation in the UK; social networks have stayed ahead of adult sites since overtaking them, but the gap hasn’t widened much in the last couple of months."