Rejected By AdSense

    July 13, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Confusion over Google’s advertising network and an Oregon-based marketing firm has left the latter dealing with lots of calls and emails for AdSense support.

The recently repurchased Wired News revealed the saga of a company that now shares its name with Google.

AdSense Consulting has nothing to do with Google AdSense. It’s true, their website says so: If you think you can get rich quick placing other people’s ads on your site or blog, please contact Google who has taken and used our business name without permission or compensation.

The company’s owner, Alexis Garrett, has sold the original URL,, to an undisclosed buyer who will take over its ownership in September. Garrett told Wired News the domain was sold last September, and Google said it did not buy the domain.

Garrett’s business had the name AdSense before Google’s debut of the advertising service in March 2003. Google has subsequently registered it as a trademark; Garrett registered the domain in 1996.

When Garrett decided to see if the name could help her make some money with AdSense, she applied to the program, but was not admitted as the site did not meet AdSense qualifications, she said in the report.

A lawsuit remains a possibility.


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