AdSense Relevance In Blogs Revealed

    January 12, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The continuous battle for relevant ads and the profitable clicks that they can attract on a blog has been a difficult one for the blogger who really needs to see at least a trickle of a revenue stream.

Don’t call it a blog, ThirdSquare’s Dio advised in a recent post about AdSense and blogs. It seems AdSense loves to display ads about blogs on blogs, which frequently doesn’t relate to the content of the site.

Dio advised BlogSpot users to get a URL that doesn’t have “blog” in the name. Avoiding the use of “blogs” in descriptions of the site can help, too. Also, ThirdSquare recommended being more strategic in placing ads initially, in order to establish relevance:

The best way to achieve that is not to add an ad to the post body on the index page. Add one on the permanent single post page by all means – use conditional areas on your templates – they’ll pick up more relevancy there as its static content. But on the blog’s index page, put the ads away from the main content – in the Nav, a header, profile area, etc.

Strengthen that static content with a strong declaration of the blog’s content – preferably between your
tags and the page title tag.

As a final note, writing strong titles for posts helps too. Dio noted how it worked for him:

Because the ads on my blog are now relevant to the type of content on the blog, my earnings have increased. In the three months since making them, the site has earned the same as what it did in the previous year.

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