AdSense Referrals? AdWords Pay Per Action? Not Anymore

Affiliate Network brings end to two Google programs

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Google has decided to shut down its AdSense Referrals program effective the last week of August.

The arrival of the Google Affiliate Network, aka a rebranded Performics product, represents the search advertising company’s newest area of focus. Such a shift apparently means moving resources from elsewhere, with the AdSense Referral program a casualty.

Google announced the retirement of AdSense Referrals on the Inside AdSense blog, pegging an end date for the last week of August. They are promoting the Affiliate Network as a replacement, or AdSense itself if a site has less than three AdSense units on a page.

Site publishers will want to make sure they have all of their referral reports stored away safely, and that referral code gets removed before the end of the program.

Google also disclosed the end of the Pay Per Action beta, again with the Affiliate Network suggested as a replacement product for advertisers. They also recommended their Conversion Optimizer as a way to manage those cost per acquisition ads placed on Google’s networks.

AdSense Referrals? AdWords Pay Per Action? Not Anymore
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  • Sam I Am

    I saw this referenced at http://www.SubliminalMessages.Com and think it’s a little strange that the whole program is being abandoned.  What about the tons of people who have hours of work involved and now need to remove the code from tons of pages? 

    The prob with the Referral program was that the ads were not in the quantity and of the variety one would expect from Big G.  They can do better and hopefully, their new program will accomplish that.


  • http://www.nice-layouts.com Val

    I’m sure Big G has better plans regarding this.They always come with lots of features and improvements.

  • http://www.smarking.net Guest


    Yes I said it Google sucks it always killing the little guy trying to make a buck.Adsense was my income for a few year and I love it.Then Google decide to murder us all because what we were making money.Simple story of big business stepping on small business.We live in the age of pure greed …

  • http://rgbconnections.net rgbconnections

    The new Aff. Network is cool but I hope my earnings for adsense won’t change…instead will increase..:)

  • http://www.jbcr-virtualsolutions.com Bill

    What’s always been a problem for me is the fact on the one hand a site has to be careful of running afoul of Google for duplicate content even if yours is the original version…

    On the other hand Google (appears to) tolerate sites with (Google products) ad sense that provide no real content; just ads in one form or another. It would not be in their fiscal interest to boot huge numbers of their clients.

    These sites only publish to provide themselves income without offering a visitor any unique content and as such are just search engine traps not really web sites.

    (IMHO) Google being in this type business is a conflict of intererest right from the concept forward. It’s their mission (as they state it) to provide relevant searches and weed out junk (link farm) sites.

    Instead Google has become a multi-tier affiliate marketing system catering to those who subscribe to their services.

    What can body do though? You have to play their game (to some degree at least) to survive ‘out here’.


  • http://moneysurf.angelfire.com sayed sajjad

    I do not see it making any difference.

  • http://411.SCOTTBRUNO.COM Guest

    What a shame. I have written to the top brass stating the shame they should feel in executing such a drastic cut. It was this ad system, and this ad systems early start into the market that placed the "GOOGLE" name and "BRAND" in front of EVERYONE, on 85% of the web pages out there, therefor providing Google with a sure-fire to the top brand identity distribiution of total and utter saturation.

    Adwards is what MADE GOOGLE what it all about today.

    They shall pay.

    Watch the disaster this creates within all the sites, watch the frustration levels go steep, watch the Google Brand lose equity like a bat heading to hell….. poor tactical move boys and girls, and all in the name of PERSONAL GREED.

    Google, you too shall learn.

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