AdSense Accounts Receiving An Upgrade

    May 1, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Logging in to AdSense will soon require those users to upgrade their accounts to the full Google Accounts experience.

Members of Google’s AdSense network will have to drink deeply of the pay per click microbrew soon. Google has begun rolling out mandatory upgrades for AdSense clients, and requiring them to move on to a Google Account.

This only applies to the older AdSense accounts out there, ones that still have a non-Google Account login. When visiting AdSense, those venerated ones will be invited to fire up the upgrade wizard and journey to the wonderful land of Google Accounts.

Or, they can come back another time and upgrade then. “You may miss out on some cool new features,” Dobromir Montauk of AdSense Publisher Support advised in his blog post about the upgrade.

There is a little ‘gotcha’ people will want to note if they wish to use a current Google Account to serve as the new AdSense login. The help pages discuss this:

Keep in mind, however, that technical limitations prevent you from choosing a current Google Account that is already associated with an AdWords, AdSense, or Books account.

Montauk referenced this in his post about the forthcoming upgrades. Not every AdSense publisher using an old school login will see the upgrade prompt right away, as Google plans to slowly roll this out to the AdSense users affected by the change.

During Google’s first financial quarter, their AdSense partner network generated $1.35 billion in revenues for the company. Google repaid $1.05 billion of that back to those AdSense publishers in the quarter.