AdSense 60 To 70 Percent Better For Yahoo

By: WebProNews Staff - April 13, 2008

That limited two-week trial of AdSense for Search showing up in some Yahoo search results could be painful for Yahoo to see.

Google and Yahoo tread a fine line over the involvement of the dominant search advertising company with Microsoft’s desired takeover target, Yahoo. An announced test of AdSense for Search from Google in a thin slice of Yahoo’s search pages was a necessarily limited effort.

Microsoft promptly complained of Google’s involvement. To Microsoft, any tie-up that would hand all of Yahoo’s paid search to Google puts over 90 percent of the search ad market in Google’s lap, Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith observed.

Google’s appeal to Yahoo, said the New York Times, comes from the vastly greater return Google’s ads may provide. “By Yahoo

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  • Chad

    Monopoly will be.  Microsoft should be on the phone with the government like dried gum on a park bench.

  • horisly

    the online monopoly of google will get me more payment.

    • Che

      What kind of marketer are you?  I see here self call marketers calling for Google monopoly.  What type of morons are you people?  Monopoly is not good!  It will cut in your profits you morons!  You’ll be subjected to Google’s moods and when they say "I’m going to raise the price on your minimum bids senoritas" whatta hell you going to do?  Run to papi yahoo?  Yahoo would be Google’s girl!  THINK!  Competition is good for the marketer; monopoly is rope for your own neck!  I’m behind Microsoft all the way.

  • Hair

    It all comes down to better business. Google simply provides better ads, better ad mechanisms, and has a better internal structure that Yahoo., which goes hand and hand with company performance.

  • Jake

    Or, in a way, limited monopoly, centralisation.

    Currently, we have to log in to yahoo and google and make any kind of changes albet minor. Without a central system to manage ads, It’s a very troublesome procedure. Knowing that Google and Yahoo are enemies just doesn’t quite bring peace for us — we don’t know when our ads will appear and when it’s going to dissapear another time.

    Maybe MS can join the the panel of some "online advertiser protection associaion", if he’s so unhappy.

  • Affiliate Marketing Guide

    The difference in profit between Google and Yahoo just shows the difference in quality! Google can take the monopoly and keep it, it would be well deserved!

  • Guest

    just shows how much higher bids are in google.

  • sean

    Yahoo is thrashing around but in the end will be bought up. This demonstrates a lack of leadership over there. Had they already done this or had it in the works before MS offer then they might have hope.

  • catalog design chapel hill

    It’s almost like yahoo is resisting success in the search arena.