Adolf Hitler, Beautiful People, And Amanda Bynes: What Has The Troubled Starlet Said NOW?


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As the downward spiral of actress Amanda Bynes continues, we can all only watch as the starlet rants about various topics and wonder.

Recently Bynes shared her thoughts an a subject that many didn't see coming: Adolf Hitler.

Amanda took to Twitter to "educate" the masses about Hitler and Nazi Germany.

According to the 28-year-old, Hitler "tricked the [G]ermans into believing that [J]ews were less".

Bynes also shared that the Germans who believe the dictator to be "incorrect" in his thinking "aren't guilty" in her book.

Amanda makes no real distinction as to whether or not she's referring to Germans who lived under the Third Reich or the German citizens of today.

While some historians may have a few things to say about the idea that one man alone was responsible for the atrocities witnessed during the second World War, it's noted that Bynes' statements aren't overtly offensive or controversial.

Indeed, Amanda Bynes has raised a number of eyebrows over her perceived obsession with beauty.

She has been known to attack others on her Twitter account with accusations that they are ugly.

If you don't like someone regardless of who they are you have every right to be rude to [t]hem," said Bynes. She added, "I'm so rude."

Amanda Bynes seemed to suggest that she considers her unique beauty standards something of almost spiritual importance:

She only follows people who she finds attractive, saying that it's why she "feels pretty".

Bynes was released a few days ago from a psychiatric hold at a Pasadena, Calif. hospital.

The star's parents have apparently given up their attempts to reign in their mentally unstable daughter.

They had sought a financial conservatorship, but eventually turned over control to a third party.

Until such time as Bynes breaks the law, no matter how disturbing her online rants are or how she behaves in public, there seems to be nothing anyone can do for her.