Adobe’s New and Improved Acrobat

    January 5, 2005

Adobe has released the latest version of their famous PDF software, Adobe Acrobat 7.0.

The new version allows you to gather documents from different sources, create intelligent forms, as well as collaborate on projects from either side of the firewall.

“Acrobat and PDF have made it easier for dispersed project teams to share document-based information,” said Terrence Pallotto, business analyst and professional engineer with HNTB Corporation. “Acrobat 7.0 Professional opens up the review, markup and approval process by enabling enhanced capabilities in Adobe Reader. Now, all of our clients, partners and employees can comment on materials electronically without having to purchase specialized software like CAD applications.”

“In our business, responding efficiently to customer problems requires quick access to a wide range of information, from technical documents outlining systems to detailed maps highlighting system locations,” said Phil Lee, executive vice president of Layton Graphics. “Acrobat 7.0 will enable us to offer our customers better service. Faster application performance means we can get to customer data more quickly and, even more important, the intelligence inherent in PDF means Acrobat 7.0 provides us access to the high-value data that lies beneath the surface of documents.”

In addition to Acrobat 7.0, Adobe released their LiveCycle Policy Server which enables organizations to apply digital rights to documents to ensure confidentiality and privacy.

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