Adobe To Flash Lots Of Cash

    March 10, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The expanded availability of Macromedia Flash player on more mobile phones should lead to greater profits for Adobe.

When Adobe purchased Macromedia to gain its product portfolio, it picked up the multi-platform capable Flash technology along with the rest of the product line. Flash looks like the driver of a big armored truck filled with cash now.

Reuters reported on comments made by Adobe president/COO Shantanu Narayen in Finland. Narayen is visiting the homeland of global handset leader Nokia and other Adobe clients.

He intends to grow Adobe through the mobile market by securing deals to place Flash on handsets, as he discussed in the article:

“We certainly like to believe that as rich media is being consumed more on these devices … that both Flash and Reader become essential part of these devices … We are vigilant to make it happen,” Narayen said.

Flash and Reader software are currently available mostly on top-end phones, but Narayen said the company was aiming also to have it in the cheaper products.

“As the number of devices and smarter devices increase, you see a lot of penetration … but it’s early in that space. There are a billion people in India and China who are never going to use PC to access the Internet. I think opportunity is huge,” he said.

Flash does for mobile devices and content creators what it did for computers running on various operating systems. It provides a neutral platform for displaying rich media content.

By extending the selection of devices containing Flash beyond the high-end segment of the mobile phone market, Adobe ensures a greater revenue stream that should build as the number of handsets for which Flash is licensed grows over time.

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