Adobe Labs Testing Social Newspaper

    February 19, 2007
    WebProNews Staff launched quietly in ‘technology preview’ mode from Adobe Labs recently, offering a web-based application that learns from the visitor’s reading habits to continually improve the information it presents.

Adobe Labs calls myFeedz a “social newspaper” that personalizes itself based on a user’s reading habits. As a preview, the ability to signup for an account has been disabled, though that may be temporary.

MyFeedz is not a search engine, bookmarking service, or RSS reader, though it can be used as each of them according to Adobe. It uses artificial intelligence to find the most linked-to and referenced news items based on one’s interests.

Adobe said on the site that myFeedz tracks some 45,000 feeds and 157,000 tags across almost 600,000 articles. Logged-in users can update the tags that interest them or add feeds to a profile. Clicking on a tag takes the reader to articles that match; myFeedz can also keep track of tags to ignore.

The site can be further personalized through its options. Article filters can limit feeds checked to those the person has in a profile. A sidebar shows connections of tags related to the one being used as the current source for articles; also, articles appearing in a feed that don’t fit in can be easily marked ‘off-topic.’

MyFeedz is not a one-way street. The user can turn around and publish a feed of articles from myFeedz as a RSS feed on another site. This allows visitors to a blog to see what the author is reading too. On the search side, myFeedz allows the user to make a query and then save that to the profile.

Currently, Adobe is collecting feedback about myFeedz during this preview phase. Adobe said neither the quality nor the features in place today are complete, and they wish to find out from other users what they want in the service.

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