Adobe CS3 Details

    March 27, 2007

Adobe Creative Suite CS3 was announced and the release date ihas been set for April 20th (It did say July 1st earlier though), the software package is going to be coming in 6 different versions and contain a wide array of software.

Adobe Creative Suite CS3Some of which we haven’t seen before and others that have been improved a great deal. To get a break down of the various versions and what is included in the products along with prices check out this CS3 editions table here.

It has been confirmed and announced that there are 6 different versions of Creative Suite 3. The versions are the CS3 Design Standard, CS3 Design Premium, CS3 Web Standard, CS3 Web Premium, CS3 Production Premium, CS3 Master Collection.

The Master Collection comes with everything but the price tag matches that, it is a whopping $3000. For myself I think that Web Premium or maybe even standard will be more then enough for me.

There are a lot of the programs that I won’t need necessarily in some of the other packages.

The software of course comes with all of the popular programs and a few more.

One of the features that is being talked about the most is the ability to export out of programs like InDesign or Illustrator into XHTML for use with Dreamweaver.

This major innovation takes a giant leap towards seamlessly allowing designers to better develop web sites. Previously that feature had only been with Photoshop through slices. Hopefully we will get a chance to test this innovative idea out soon.

Dreamweaver is also going to have an online community forum called CSS advisor that will be constantly updated and give helpful hints to developers from experts.

All a big effort from Adobe to match up with Microsoft’s Expression Web Designer which enforces standards very heavily. I’m assuming and hoping that once we get our hands on Dreamweaver CS3 that it is web standards compliant and it breaks away from some of its legacy scripting.

Adobe has decided to drop GoLive and Audition from the Creative Suite packages and develop the products as stand alone items.

Throughout the packages the bulk of what is in them are Adobe InDesign, Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, Acrobat 8 Professional, Flash Professional, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Contribute, After Effects Professional, Premiere Pro, Encore, and Soundbooth. Which have all been upgraded and made to run on Windows Vista and Intel Macs.

So all of you Apple fans with the Intel Macs can now use the Creative Suite and all of the Windows Vista people can of course do the same. At least when July 1st comes around.

You can check out Adobe’s webcast on their web site for more information about the launch.

Be sure and check out the CS3 editions table to see the prices and whats in the boxes. You can also pre-order the packages from Amazon right now.