Adobe Boxes Up Google Toolbar

    June 21, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A multi-year deal between the two companies will see Adobe offer the Google Toolbar as an option for people who download the Adobe Macromedia Shockwave Player.

Users can select the Google Toolbar for their Internet Explorer browsers on Windows when installing the Shockwave Player, the two firms announced. In the future, the Toolbar will be offered as part of other Adobe product installations.

Adobe said hundreds of thousands of its Shockwave Players are downloaded each day. The company claimed to have an installed base of Shockwave Players on 55 percent of Internet-enabled desktops as well.

Google listed some of the features available in its Toolbar, like a search box, spellchecker, and popup blocker. A selection of buttons from the Toolbar Gallery are available to add one-click access to a variety of web resources.

Although financial terms for the deal were not released, Adobe does appear to gain from the agreement. The company noted that “estimated revenue for Fiscal Year 2006 as a result of this agreement was factored into Fiscal 2006 financial targets provided by Adobe June 15, 2006.”

In 2005, Google announced a similar deal with Sun Microsystems. Each download of Java would offer the opportunity to also acquire the Toolbar for the user’s system.

Google has agreements in place with browser creators Mozilla and Opera. The search advertising company pays sums estimated in the tens of millions to have Google search placed as the default on each browser.

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