Adobe Bows Ruby On Rails RIA SDK

    September 7, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The SDK from Adobe combines the Ruby on Rails rich Internet application (RIA) framework with the Flex 2 technology and tools for web developers.

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Adobe would like to see Ruby on Rails developers give Flex a try.

The SDK from Adobe arrived this week, as the company’s Mike Potter revealed in his blog:

Following a similar release to the PHP RIA SDK by Adobe that I announced last month, today I’m happy to announce that I’m releasing a similar project for those of you interested in Ruby on Rails and Adobe Flex.

With the help of Derek Wischusen, who has written all the samples in the SDK, today I’m announcing the creation of an open source project to help Ruby on Rails developers get started with Adobe Flex. The initial release of the SDK contains four samples, each with various degrees of complexity.

Potter and Wischusen have chosen to host the Ruby on Rails SDK on Google’s Project Hosting site.

They have made the SDK available for developers under terms of the New BSD License.

Wischusen also blogged about the SDK, and listed more information about it:

Currently, the SDK contains a sample demonstrating: (1) Intergrating with a database, basic CRUD, and rails migrations. (2) Uploading and downloading files. (3) Downloading data directly from Flex and sending data to a new browser window directly from Flex. (4) a simple Directory Explorer. The last sample uses WebORB for integrating Flex with Rails.

Both sites were referenced by Peter Cooper on his Ruby Inside blog.

Cooper provides plenty of quality links to Ruby resources, and also displays the Latest Ruby Links feed from Dzone, a developer topic-focused site that collects submitted developer topics and promotes them to its front page via user voting.

Cooper also referenced a rundown of changes arriving with Rails 1.2.

New features will be part of the release, which Cooper speculates will be available in mid-October.


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